Welcome to the CSSI

The Society is open to any qualified researcher investigating stress responses using molecular and cellular approaches, or bridging from the molecular and cellular level to organismal biology including studies of natural populations and to clinical and environmental applications. Founded in 1999, the society promotes collaboration among the various fields of stress research, international scientific cooperation, and public awareness. Its aims are to:

  • Promote the organization of conferences related to stress response research.
  • Publish and disseminate high quality papers and review articles in our Society-owned
    journal Cell Stress & Chaperones.
  • Promote the clinical and industrial applications of basic research in the field.
  • Establish a cellular stress response forum on the Internet.
  • Provide support for fellowships and training of talented young scientists in the field.
  • Establish cooperation with other related societies.
  • Inform the public of the goals and major advances in stress response research.


CSSI was a sponsor of the very successful Seventh International Symposium on Heat Shock Proteins in Biology and Medicine that was held in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia, November 1-5, 2014.  The meeting program can be found here.

The CSSI holds biennial international congresses, workshops and symposia. The First Meeting of the Latin America Chapter of the CSSI was recently held March 11-14, 2014 in Montevideo, Uruguay, chaired and organized by Professor Maria Bausero. The Sixth CSSI Congress was held 18-22 August, 2013 in Sheffield, UK, chaired and organized by Professor A. Graham Pockley. In September 2015 The Seventh CSSI Congress, organized by Lingjia Qian, Tangchun Wu, Robert M. Tanguay, and Larry Hightower, was held in Huangshan City, China.


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